Jake Fenton

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I am a third year computer science student at Michigan State University. I have interests in networking and security and have worked as a learning assistant and a research assistant over the past three years.

I currently serve as a student representative to the Computer Science Curriculum Committee at MSU.


rankings = ["abysmal", "novice", "learning",
            "competent", "skilled", "expert",
skill ability interest
agile competent high
test driven development competent high
c++ skilled high
java novice moderate
TypeScript skilled high
Node.JS skilled moderate
python skilled high
git skilled high
ruby abysmal moderate
javascript novice moderate
linux admin skilled high
windows admin competent low
webdev novice moderate



I’ve been interested in security since a relatively young age, exploring things like configuring VPNs and exploring cryptographic standards like PGP. I hadn’t had a chance to more thoroughly explore the field until I took a security course at MSU this semester. I would like to explore this more.

I’m currently working through the Krypton wargame on OverTheWire and have participated in the Google Games in the past.


I spent a summer working at the BEACON Center for the Study of Evolution in Action where I developed an agent-based model of quorum-sensing organisms to better understand the circumstances that allowed them to evolve. I presented my findings at the 2016 BEACON congress held at MSU.


In my free time I dabble with photography, novel writing, gaming (both board and video), and reading. I’m always looking for science fiction and cyberpunk recommendations, as well as interesting reading in general.



Pepper is a python-enhanced preprocessor for C, C++ and C-style languages in general. The goal is to have the preprocessor capable of evaluating inline Python with a shared namespace for traditional C-style macros. As an eventual goal this will be able to move all the CMake-like functionality into the files themselves, removing the need for complex makefile setups, and enable the loading of constant configurations for compile time optimizations.

This project is being overseen by Dr Charles Ofria and is under the Digital Evolution Laboratory umbrella within the BEACON Center for the stufy of evolution in action.


Empirical is a software library for developing scientific programs that can be cross-compiled into javascript through the use of emscripten.

The goal of Empirical is to make both the development and repduction of scientific programs trivial. The project is headed by Dr. Charles Ofria. I was brought on in September of 2015, when I began adding infastructure like autodocumentation via Doxygen, Breathe and Sphinx, Continuous Integration with testing via Catch and adding protocols like the two person merge rule to the project.


khmer is a software library and a set of utilities for working with DNA sequencing data. I worked with the project from October 2014 to August 2015, during which time the project migrated to University of California: Davis. The project is headed by Dr. C Titus Brown. I primarily did refacoring work on the libraries python scripts, updated tests to cover more of the library, and updated documentation.


I am a co-president of the board for the MSU chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery. We work with professors, grad students, and companies from the local area to put on technical discussions for the benefit of the student body here at MSU. We’ve had talks range from tutorials on D3, git, and Haskell to a Q&A session with the interim CIO and deputy CISO.

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